Singapore Personal Loan for Learning German

woman holding laptop with german language signI will be going to Germany soon on a business trip. Seemingly, this would be easy, because Germans tend to speak English (or most of them!), but this business trip is going to be a little different, because I will need to learn German before I go. This was my conclusion, of course, not the conclusion of my bosses, who think that I do not need to learn German so they won’t pay for it. [Continue reading]

Singapore Personal Loan for Learning English

Young student woman studying at the deskI recently got back from the trip of a life time. I lived for one whole year in the beautiful country of France. There, I taught English as a second language to university students, and I had a great time doing it. I got to taste the French wine and wonderful French bread and cheese and chocolate every day, and I also met the love of my life: Chloe, a French woman.

She and I are getting married soon, and finally, she will be able to join my in Britain and begin her life with me here. The only problem? When we are together, we speak French, because she does not know a lick of English. [Continue reading]