Singapore Personal Loan for Learning German

I will be going to Germany soon on a business trip. Seemingly, this would be easy, because Germans tend to speak English (or most of them!), but this business trip is going to be a little different, because I will need to learn German before I go. This was my conclusion, of course, not the conclusion of my bosses, who think that I do not need to learn German so they won’t pay for it.

I know, however, that I must learn the language. You see, I will be going to a very remote and rural area of Germany where almost none of the people speak English. I will be there for over two months, and to get a good job done, I must know German to communicate with the people. I need their help, because we will be building a big factory there. There have been a lot of cutbacks within my company, and my job is on the line. I want to do a great job with this trip or my job could be in jeopardy, so I am willing to set myself back a bit by getting a fast personal loan Singapore for learning German. I have the money to pay the payments on the personal loan of course, but I just do not have the upfront money to pay the language teaching service where I can learn basic German phrases, vocab and grammar. [Continue reading]